Stinging Nettle Leaf Tea, 25 tb

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Stinging nettle is one of herbal medicines most valuable medicinal herbs. Every component of the nettle, including leaves, flowers, stems and roots has a medicinal properties.

It offers a rich source of minerals such as iron, calcium and silica. Nettle is one of the best blood cleansing and blood building herbs.

It is traditionally used for spring cleansing, often drank in up to three cups a day for two weeks in the springtime to cleanse the body after a compromised winter diet.

The Romans used to flail their rheumatic joints with nettles, which caused a warming and healing inflammation. It also has a robust history of use for allergies, anaemia, to lower blood sugar and to stimulate the kidneys.

-As a blood builder it is beneficial for anaemia, chlorosis and other blood disorders

-Helps to control excessive menstrual flow

-Helps to lower blood sugar

-It is used for vaginal infections (yeast infections)

-Helps with symptoms of hay fever (stuffy nose, watery eyes).

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