Muscle Mac

Macaroni & Cheese, an American classic re-imagined by Quality Pasta Company

As Quality Pasta Company was being built from the ground up an idea struck Paul DeStefano, one of the partners, how can we make a better-for-you Macaroni & Cheese? Paul’s daughter was a competitive swimmer and struggled to get the protein she needed- no protein bars, beef jerky or high protein foods would keep her hunger at bay and energy up. The thought was why not make a better-for-you Macaroni & Cheese that can taste great and solve the need for more protein.

Sparked with this idea, the innovators at Quality Pasta Company worked through many iterations before creating the perfect great tasting Macaroni & Cheese. It has pasta packed with pea protein isolate and delicious real cheese. Focused on both dairy and vegetable proteins they were able to develop a product with 20 grams of protein per serving that also tasted great! Being manufacturers of Macaroni & Cheese, the team was able to quickly launch a new brand that put taste and quality first- Muscle Mac!