Candlearing can be enjoyed by people of all ages, and may provide many possible physical, mental and emotional benefits. All passages in the head are interconnected. Acupuncture, acupressure and reflexology charts illustrate how the ears coordinate with the rest of the body. This is important because some of the potential benefits of candling relate to the nose, throat and sinuses as well as the ears. The ears are organs for hearing and balance. The ears contain nerve endings and acupuncture points to every other area of the body. If hearing is blocked or impaired, the energy flow is disconnected. The only mechanical influence we have on our ears is when we swallow, hold our breath, or yawn. We can slightly change the pressure in our ears to clear the eustachian tubes. During candling, a sensation of ‘lightening’ is sometimes reported by the recipient, noticed in the sinuses and head cavities because a vacuum effect is created. The ear canal helps support the brain, a pivot point for the skull. When properly aligned the osmotic pressure on the nerves that relate to the senses is shifted as well. It is believed that the gentle reverse pressure of ear candling is enough to affect such a correction, which is why people often feel better afterwards. Ear Candling is an extremely relaxing technique that may help restore balance to smell, taste and vision. We do not claim that candling will cure any disease, ailment, or condition. However, the many benefits have been identified through case histories and testimonials, and ear candles have been used by generations of families for a variety of conditions.